Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

Justin Chance ! ♥

For Pink and Purple Lovers

Pink Addicts: ♥ Stella Chan
                     ♥ Michelle Melody
                     ♥Gabriella Amanda
                     ♥Me! :D

Purple Fever : ♥Natania Imanuel
                       ♥Me! :D
                       ♥Gabriella Amanda


Picnik will close @19 April 2012! :( so sad U_U

Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

Sanrio Charcters Part II

little twin stars
Kiki and Lala, the Little Twin Stars, were born on the Star of Compassion. With permission from Mother-Star and Father-Star they set out for a visit to Earth. Lala’s star wand led them on their journey. Ever since they arrived, the Little Twin Stars have been spreading happiness to everyone they meet.
No matter where you’re headed, these eleven bright, shiny bullet trains will get you there with time to spare. Efficient, convenient, comfortable…and FAST!

timmy and tammy
Timmy and Tammy are mischievous little monkeys who are always looking for ways to have fun. They love to make friends and make people laugh with their antics.

U*SA*HA*NA is a darling little girl bunny who loves to show her happy dance to everyone. She is known for her unique nose, cute eyes and happy smile. Won’t you be her friend?

TBC  to part 3

Minggu, 22 Januari 2012

Gonf Xi Fat Cahi 2536 all!!

Hello readers, right today is Lunar
 happy day for celebrating the Chinese New Year
 hopefully the reader become more healthy and cheap fortune
I have no idea about this entry now :| so i just want to share some pictures 

this is my greeting cards ! =D
the King and Queen of Water Dragon

 Tommorow i'll post about my lunar day! =D 
Stay on this blog tommorow readers! =D
Once again i say, Happy Chinese New Year Day!! =D
(˘▿˘ʃƪ) 福 Gσηg Xι Fα Cαι 福. (˘▿˘ʃƪ

Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

Sanrio characters part I

All you are know i'm a fans of sanrio :)
In this entry,i'll post sanrio characters :)
Check it out^.^

Hello kitty

She was born on November 1st and she live in London,England with her parents and her twin sister, Mimmy.
Her hobbies is travelling,music,reading,eating yummy cookies her sister Mimmy bakes.
Choco cat

He's got his name from his chocolate nose.He has fun playing around his house with Cookie Bau,Nutz,Jellybean,and the duckies.His birthday is May 10th.
Charmmy Kitty

 Charmmy Kitty is a white persian cat that Papa gave to Hello Kitty as a gift. She is well-mannered, quiet, and listens to whatever Hello Kitty says. She loves objects that are bright and sparkly! Charmmy Kitty wears a lace-lined ribbon on her left ear, and a necklace which holds the key to Hello Kitty’s jewelry box. 

 Keroppi lives with his brother, sister and parents in a big house on the edge of Donut Pond, the largest and bluest pond around. Keroppi and his friends share his love for baseball and boomerangs. Most often he is seen with his little snail friend Den Den, always tagging along a little behind. 

 Purin is a good-natured Golden Retriever who dreams of growing up and becoming a big dog, just like his mother and father! He spends most of his time napping or going on walks with his best friend Muffin. He loves to drink milk and eat foods that are nice and soft, like pudding!
Sorry readers krena cuman bisa ksih sebagian aja :( karena member sanrio kan bnyk bgd! ^^" mungkin bsok aku lanjutin yah? bubay ^^

Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Bokeh Photography

Hello readers, im back now. today i want to share some picture of bokeh photography.Check it out! :)