Senin, 14 Mei 2012

It's super Amazing ~(˘▽˘~)

hihihi, today i searching on google and tumblr and i found many amazingly photo ;p
start from this ! ,
look at this "book" building. super2 cool :3
what the amazingly of instant noodle?
 yes, it's amazing ! 2 members of Super Junior ( korean boyband ) like to eat indomie ! ( indonesian noodle). ow U,U

and next, jessica snsd :). this photo is taken when she at Bali ! <3. wow, Indonesia is cool ^-^
photo from : michelle melody
and again, Taeyeon SNSD wear batik ! wow :O
 and look at this picture ! *look up*. what a amazing moment <33

end, ! xD i finished my post :]
hope you liek this post and this post maybe can increase your knowledge !
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Jumat, 04 Mei 2012

Legally Princess

hello all, long time not see you readers :'(
now i'm back with my new look,and my new blog name :D
i change my blog name from jovin valicia love pink to Legally Princess. better or not? :O
today i play with my hamster, and oh my doggy, my hamsters is lost everyday ! -_- so i must find my hamster everyday and it is very2 boring -______--
wahah, forget that :D
this is some header for next day

haha ! i just made 3, i'm lazy :P
okey, enough for this post, i want to eat :) pai,pai <33