Kamis, 19 April 2012

It's Teddy Bear ! ♥

Helllo readers :)
now i'm being teddy bear fan xD
for me teddy bear is cute :*
i hope i can have a tedddy bear house oneday <3
yesterday is 19th april , so picnik is closed, but today i still can ediitng @picnik and now i'm ediitng @picnik -_-

but it's okay :p, very very okay cause i want picnik not closed xP

now i want to share my edits :)
do you want it? yes? really really want it?
okey, i share ! <33
this is my favourite one <33
heheh, and this is it ! <3 introducing my teddy ^^^
 and i've a bonus picture :D
xixix :] . so cute, <3 free save ;D

Okay readers, just this that i want to share, sorry for the worst post ever -_-"
i want to offline first :p, i want to go to clinic,
paipai `, GTG,


Sabtu, 14 April 2012

4 days again, picnik's last day :'(

Hello readers ! xx <33
how are you feel today? ;D
Fine? same with me ^_0
now i'm editing my photos at picnik
picnik will be close 4 days again ! :'( #hikshiks. so sad ~ U,U
now let me share my edited photos @picnik (:
First,this is my fav photo,my first ar in picnik :)
Berry,Cornello,Miu2. i edit this photo last year,exactly when christmas 2011 ;)

and this is my "fatty" hams.tami like to eats , so tami become so fat :p

this is my cute hams ^v^.sorry for a small photo, i dunno why this photo being so small -_-"
again ! :D . berry cornell miu. and who r these? these are my pets on petsociety,if you wnt to add me,see in contct me tab
 Goodbye picnik ! thanks for accompany all picnikers in the world ! <33
You truelly will be missed ! ),;

p.s: we can still use google+ creative kit for editing photo. all picnik features will be move on there !

                                                                  Extra Pict !