Rabu, 22 Agustus 2012

Culur Luhur! ☮

hi friends:D how are u^^ i'm so happy cause i can be active again at blog!
so today i'll share my holiday story @Culug Luhur Bogor!
i really enjoy my holiday, that place is very interesting! oh my gosh
the place is very clean and clear!
if Jakarta is like this i dont need holiday again! ( This reflects how dirty and stuffy my hometown this T_T)

okey my lovely blog reader, lets starting!:3
t's will be a long post~
It took 1½ hours to get there.
I am actually very easily carsick :&
and really, I immediately dizzy while driving
i don't have many photos about me, so i just share u the photos of that place:p~

 okey, actually this is not my chat w/ my friend, but my sister's chat w/ her friend.-.

and when we arrived, we first go to the waterfall :D 
the waterfall is amazing. the water is cold, cool, and really clear:)  
water color in the front of the waterfall is very beauty <3 and i took many photos :D      
check out my photo :D 
 waw, nice scene!<3*in this photo: my mom friend*
wew, so amazin sene and plcae, do u know? the air is really2 
clean, fresh and, whoah, very2 cold too:D

after that my mother told me to eat beforehand so as not to catch cold.  
I ate fried noodles, it really spicy chili :&
while waiting for its completion in fried noodles, I was taking photos for fun in that place
my sis took picture of the scenery, my father, and me:p LOL 
 i'm eating fried noodle!:9 *nyum2*

 noodle:9 although its yummy, its very spicy :o i can't eat moreT_T
My father ate fried noodles. My father did not know if I take his photo xP lol

Okay2! \(o,o)/ after eating we go back to the waterfall :DD *yippiee~*
 i love to go there! it's my favourite places to taking photos, and playing :D
Check out my photos at there!:D
 llok the water color! amazing :D

what a lovely place! God make this place very perfect<3
oh! and look guys! can u see the rainbow? :D

okay, after that i go to the waterpark <3 again, the water is  really C L E A R >.<
and this is some photo when i was there, in the waterpark :D 
( the waterpark is look alike Atlantis, Swimming Pool in Jakarta )
 lol, my sis xD a giant bucket of water spill the water! >.<
so cold!:&
my older sis playin w/ the water:D haha, so funny
i love being here~~♥

and while my way home I stopped at a pie shop to buy some foods.
and the pie is really2 yummy!(Y)

So this is my holiday!:)
HBU ? where do u go holiday in this year?;))
okey, it's time to lunch!:D i want to eat first, if i don't eat, i can die :p wkwkwkwk xD
Thanks for seeing my post
if u want to see more photos about my holidae, click here
if  u want to see more photos about culug luhur click here

Keep Smile!:) 

Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2012

AUGUST ! *moustache*

hi friends, 2 month not posting on my blog )': but now i've a time to make an entry ! \(^^,)/
i can't believe now it's august ! 4 months again to December, and then happy new year 2013 ! woo, time is so fast.

I Hope august will be fun, interesting, i'll have good scores on my school ;p and i hope next month is January, cause it's my birthday ;p but it's impossible .-.
ohya :D i've a sneakpeak picture ^^

oh my gosh oh my gosh!!! >>><<<<<3
P.S : i'm grade 3 primary school now :) * i make and design this blog with my sister help, she's grade 1 JHS*