Minggu, 25 Maret 2012

Quotes on spongebob cartoon

Hello, i'm back today !
let's have some fun today
errr. what about reading quotes ? :D
quotes from spongebob and patrick cartoonn ^-^
wanna read it ? 
1,2,3 start ^-^
 1.knowledge can not replace friendship. I (Patrick) would rather be an idiot than to lose you (Spongebob)
2.Spongebob: What do you usually do when I go?
  patrick: waiting for you again ..
3.If money could make me forget my best friend, so I'd prefer to not have any money at all " - Patrick Star -
4. "ALL shine is not necessarily gold" - Spongebob - 
5.I AM UGLY AND I'M PROUD OF IT!!! - Patrick star -
6."Better feel loved and lost than never loved at all." -Plankton-
7."son is sometimes what you do not talk about who is more valuable than you're talking about " - i dont know -_- - 
8.'FRIENDS IS POWER' - Patrick Star -

wow, apparently of a rather silly film, there are words of wisdom that motivate us !

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